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Noise (2006) – Dublin Fringe Festival

Noise, by Nick Johnson, is a story of jazz, friendship, and mystery in Chicago. Within a web of secrets, petty struggles, and private anxieties, the South Side world of Eddie, a saxophonist, collides with the North Side world of Natalie, a Tribune reporter investigating a mysterious death. Integrating live jazz performance with the verbal rhythms of Chicago, Noise is a tragicomic window into love, loss, chance, and the city.

Noise is performed in Bewley’s Café Theatre, Grafton Street, Dublin 2, from 11 September to 16 September at 8:30 PM. The production is part of the Magnet Entertainment Dublin Fringe Festival 2006. Tickets are €10/€8 and can be booked by calling 1-850-FRINGE or online.

Eddie / DeVon Jackson
Julian / Duncan Molloy
Natalie / Brenda Meaney
Zigzag / Jason Nelson
Mel / Fiona Nolan
The Students / Sarah Byrne, Barry McStay
The Figure / Nick Johnson

Sax / Nick Roth
Guitar / John Kregor
Bass / Cormac O’Brien
Drums / Conor Murray

Producer / Jennifer Killelea
Directors / Alwyn Lyès, Duncan Molloy
Set & Props / Niamh Mac Cárthaigh
Costume & Makeup / Carla Marrinan
Sound / Naoise O’Reilly
Lights / Sara Kivlehan
Art & Graphics / Nick Johnson, Duncan Molloy,
Lir Mac Cárthaigh



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