Who We Are

JENNIFER KILLELEA (Producer) moved to Dublin in 2002 to study and fell in love with both the city and a fine Irish man. She co-founded Painted Filly Theatre with Ruth Pe Palileo in 2005, and has produced all of the company’s work from Jeremiah through to BYPASS.  She has written and directed for both 100 Minutes 2006 and 100 Minutes 2007, and directed a staged reading of Daniel Kelley’s Judgment Has No Shoes as part of the company’s Summer Writing Workshops in 2008. Jennifer has an M.Phil. in Irish Theatre and Film from Trinity College Dublin, and a B.A. in English and Media Studies from Fordham University, New York.


NICHOLAS JOHNSON (Artistic Director) holds an acting degree from Northwestern University and a PhD in Drama Studies at Trinity College, where he is a full-time lecturer. His acting career spans 21 years and includes work in Texas, Massachusetts, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Edinburgh, Avignon, Athens, and Istanbul. In 2003 he adapted and performed On Going On, a one-person show based on the writings of Samuel Beckett, at Northwestern University in Chicago. He performed the title role in Jeremiah in 2005, as well as Clov in Endgame at the Samuel Beckett Theatre. He was a 2004 DAAD Fellow researching Bertolt Brecht in Berlin, Germany, and he received the 2005 George J. Mitchell Scholarship as well as the inaugural Samuel Beckett Studentship in support of his work in Dublin. He was a director, producer, author, and designer for 100 Minutes in 2006 and 2007, and was overall artistic director for 100 Minutes 2008 and 100 Minutes 2009. His full-length play, Noise, premiered in the Dublin Fringe Festival 2006, and he directed Biography of Bernie Ward with Painted Filly Theatre and Disjecta in the Samuel Beckett Theatre. He was selected for The Next Stage programme for emerging artists in the 2007 Dublin Theatre Festival. In 2008 he translated and directed Ernst Toller’s Masse Menschfor the 2nd Year BA Production at Trinity College, as well as touring the production to Berlin’s Volksbuehne theatre, where he led an international exchange and workshop between TCD and the P14 youth theatre. Most recently, he translated, adapted, and directed the short prose of Franz Kafka for K. at the Samuel Beckett Centre, and his documentary theatre project The Way of the Language will premiere at New York’s Bleecker Street Theatre in 2009.


Painted Filly Theatre bestowed the title of Associate Artist to some of it’s long-time collaborators as a means of recognizing the company’s commitment to ensemble process and talented emerging artists. To date, six  collaborators have been added to this Painted Filly community: NATHAN GORDON, PHIL KINGSTON, BRENDA MEANEY, DUNCAN MOLLOY, SARAH-JAYNE QUIGLEY, and JESSE WEAVER. Their artist biographies are below.


Nathan Gordon holds an M.A and a B.A in archaeology from University College Dublin. He has trained with Classic Stage Ireland, Comedy Improv Ireland and Actor Training Ireland as well as in drama facilitation with the National Association for Youth Drama. Stage credits include Glengarry Glen Ross, The Blue Room, 100 Minutes 2007, Biography of Bernie Ward, Dante and the Lobster, 100 Minutes 2008, 100 Minutes 2009, Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza, Don Juan in Hell, Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special, Soh,. Gulliver’s Travels, Three Dialogues, The Way of the Language and extracts from Beckett’s Trilogy.  Film credits include The Legend of Jonny King, Sin É, Poker Face and Spin the Bottle. Television credits include Langerland TV, The Tudors and Fair City.


PHIL KINGSTON trained at Central in London. His work in the UK includes Live Like Pigs (Royal Court Upstairs), Anthony and Cleopatra (Red Flag International Tour), Hard Times, Grimm Tales (Stephen Joseph), Macbeth (Tabard), Bleat (Finborough) and Look Back In Anger (City Lit). He also appeared in the feature Judge Dredd, the short Manhunter and the TV shows The Bill, London’s Burning and Cone Zone. Radio work included Surfer’s Paradise and Bleat (BBC Radio 4). His first play Hungry Ghosts was staged at the Tabard Theatre. He subsequently wrote for The Bill as well as acting as a literary adviser on new writing for both the Finborough Theatre and Out Of Joint Theatre Company. He moved to Ireland in 2006 and has appeared in Catastrophe (International Bar), 100 Minutes 2006 and 2007 (Painted Filly), Mandragola (Turning Worm), Biography of Bernie Ward (Players), The Maids, Phaedra’s Love, A Midsummer Night’s Dream? (Loose Canon), Wedding Day at the Cro-Magnons (Bedrock), Love and Money (HATCH) and Macbeth (Abbey Theatre) . TV and film work in Dublin includes the short The Melon Hunter (Graham Cantwell), George Gently and The Tudors. He wrote and performed Dr Dillon and Ms Georgia (Teacher’s Club) for the Dublin Fringe Festival 06 and The Common Will (Bewley’s Café Theatre) for DFF 08. The latter was directed and produced by Painted Filly. Three of his short plays featured in 100 Minutes 2007, 2008 and 2009. He was a guest performer in the Fallen Angels cabaret. He currently works as the Community and Education Manager of the Abbey Theatre


BRENDA MEANEY is a recent graduate of Trinity College, Dublin where she received a B.A. in History of Art. Before attending university in Ireland Brenda lived between New York City and Los Angeles, where she worked extensively on student theatre productions as a stage manager, technician, contributing writer and actor. She also appeared in several California Artists Radio Theatre (CART) productions. Her first appearance on the Irish stage was in Painted Filly’s 100 Minutes 2006 (Filmbase). Other productions with Painted Filly include Noise (Dublin Fringe Festival 2006), Biography of Bernie Ward (Players Theatre) and 100 Minutes 2008 (Project).


DUNCAN MOLLOY is a director, writer, storyteller, producer and an award winning dancer, winning Best Male Performer of Limerick Unfringed 2011 for Seven Versions of a Song. He holds a BA in Drama from the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College. In the last year he has attended the Lincoln Centre Theatre’s Director’s Lab in New York, the Performance Corporation’s SPACE Programme in Castletown House and the MAKE residency in Annamakerrig. Recent credits include: as director, The Yokohama Delegation for Limerick Youth TheatreA Paper-Thin Romancefor the GBS Theatre Carlow/LSADon Juan in Hell for the Belltable/Limerick Theatre Hub (nominated for two Irish Times Theatre Awards 2010); Seven Jewish Children for Project Brand New; as writer, Storybook for LSA/Unfringed (nominated for Best Production & Spirit of Unfringed 2011), Seven Versions of a Song for Daghdha Dance/LSA (Winner, Best Male Performer, Unfringed 2011),Turning Turtles for the Belltable/Beyond the Bark. A co-founder of the Dublin Playwrights Group, and the Limerick Theatre HUB he currently curates Limerick Unfringed Festival.



Sarah-Jayne is a graduate of The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College. Sarah-Jayne has worked as an actress with Painted Filly on 100 Minutes 2007, 100 Minutes 2008 and Biography of Bernie Ward. Other theatre credits include Threshold, When Irish Hearts are Praying, Here Comes Love, Seven Jewish Children & How to be Loved (all Mirari Productions), Whiskey in the Jar (Midas Productions), Fluffy’s X-Mas Factor (Lane Productions), Peter Pan (Pavilion Productions), The Miser (Wonderland Productions) & Bruscar the Tidy Giant (Garbo Productions). Sarah-Jayne also works as a drama teacher and a clown doctor and will be curating the Performance Café Space at this year’s Clonmel Junction Festival.


JESSE WEAVER is an American writer based in Dublin, Ireland. Chicago writing credits include: Third Appointment (Collaboration ‘Sketch Fest,’ 2004), Rosenthal Trio(Collaboration ‘Sketch Fest,’ 2005), and RUN HOME TEDDY (Collaboration ‘Sketch Fest,’ 2007); 46A (Estrogen Fest, 2005), and Do With You (Estrogen Fest, 2007); Selective Service and the Art of Acorn Chance (Breadline Theatre Company, 2004); Sweet Pretty Love Jam (the side project theatre company, 2006), Up and Pardonable (side project, 2009), The Artist Needs a Wife (side project, 2010), and The Float (side project, 2011). Dublin writing credits include: Rainout (Fishamble Theatre Co., ‘Tiny Plays for Ireland, 2012), Do With You(Painted Filly Theatre Co., ‘100 Minutes’ Short Play Fest, 2006′), Bill and Fran (Painted Filly, ‘100 Minutes’, 2007),Hydrophobia (Painted Filly, ‘100 Minutes, ‘ 2008), and Up (Painted Filly Theatre Co., ‘100 Minutes,’ 2009).  Painted Filly also produced his full-length play Biography of Bernie Ward in August 2007. UK writing credits: Mumah, directed by Steven Jon Atkinson (HighTide Theatre Festival, 2009) and Famine Diary(Reading, HighTide, 2010), directed by Joe Murphy and featuring Samuel Hodges and Bernard Hill. His play Deathwatch Beetle was a semi-finalist for the O’Neill Theatre’s National Playwright Conference in 2011, and his play We Shall Catch Larks was recently named a finalist in the Yale University Press 2012 Drama Competition.



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