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As a profit-sharing company, Painted Filly Theatre relies heavily on the generosity of donors and audience members for both our year-round operational expenses, as well as each production, reading, or workshop that we produce. Contributions at every level have tremendous impact.

Painted Filly currently has several fundraising/sponsorship options available to support Jesse Weaver’s BYPASS, which will debut in Dublin’s Absolut Fringe Festival 2012.

Here is the link to our Fund It Campaign, is crowd-sourcing website that will help us raise the bulk of the budget for BYPASS. http://www.fundit.ie/browse/category/performance  Please give if you can – even €5 goes a long way towards helping us reach our goal!

Many thanks to all who attended our 4th of July Pub Quiz – great fun was had by all. Special congratulations to the winning team – MATT DAMON and all of the raffle winners!

Very special thanks is owed to Captain America’s, The Cook’s Academy, Brother Hubbard, The New Theatre, Filmbase, Laser DVD Rental, and Dubray Books for their support. Thanks also to the Stag’s Head for, as ever, being a super venue.


Alternatively, the Painted Filly Carousel is the sponsorship scheme for friends of the theatre who wish to extend more major structural support.

Please contact us at info@paintedfilly.com if you are interested in donating a larger amount toward one or more full seasons, or . Several levels of benefits are available, and we’d be happy to share those options with you.

Please consider an online donation through www.paypal.com; it’s fast, easy, secure, and all you need is our email address, info@paintedfilly.com.



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